How To Improve Smartphone Performance For Gaming

How can I boost my phone’s gaming performance? When playing games, some options
can make gaming better. Most budget-level smart phones can perform well when set to
the correct gaming settings. But then, this doesn’t mean they undermine other high-end
phones performance. This is because the performance of every phone depends on its
internal hardware. There are also many other factors out there. Below are helpful tips
that will improve the performance of your Smartphone.

Boost Your Phone’s Battery Life

Why get a battery boost for gaming? Some games are much more demanding and can
reduce your phone’s battery life; therefore, it would help if you take the correct
measures on your power management. Depending on your android device, tap settings,
and then click the adaptive battery options or the battery saver option. Both settings will
optimize phone performance and reduce the intervals at which you charge your phone.

Apple has a similar feature compared to iOS. Click settings, go to the battery option,
and switch on the low power mode. As on Android, there will be restrictions on apps in
the background, reducing unnecessary notifications and blocking of  pinging device
sensors, making your phone’s life last longer.
When traveling, it will help if you would have a portable power bank. The Anker
PowerCore 26800 and Mophie PowerStation are good examples because they can
charge your device more times.


Can VPN slow down internet? VPNs not only secure your data but also provide a stable
internet connection. With a VPN, your data will be encrypted and will remain secure for
a better gaming experience. Users may ask themselves Do VPNs slow Internet?”
assuming various shortcomings of this service. But VPN actually works to ensure fast
internet speed and a more stable internet connection.

Increase The Screen Refresh Rate

When the screen refresh rate is high, you will get a good visual feel out of your game
with much better animations. Changing to high refresh rates is one of the best ways to
improve your gaming experience on your android phone.

Most Android phones—and other flagship types like OnePlus and Samsung — have an
option where you can switch your screens refresh rate. If you choose this to the highest
screen refresh rate your phone offers, you will have better visuals when playing games.

Install A Custom Kernel

A kernel is an Android program code that operates the hardware depending on the OS’s
needs. It activates the sensors when required. It also determines display colors, CPU
voltages, RAM, and other related features.

How do developer options improve the gaming performance of Android? The developer
made Custom Kernel boost the battery and performance of your Android device. The
developers may also decide to add some other important features like fingerprint
gestures and double tap to wake up. Therefore, with a custom kernel, you can greatly
improve your gaming experience on your Smartphone by over-clocking.

Remove the Junk from Your Phone

If files take up a big space in your phone, the performance will become slower. This is
evident when your Smartphone’s storage space is running low. If you have multiple files
you no longer use on your device, it will help if you remove those files to free up the space on your phone. Doing this will make your phone more efficient in gaming. All android smart phones keep junk files from multiple sources. Old media files, uninstalled app leftovers, and all other documents which you do not use are part of these junk files. Most android smart phones have an inbuilt feature that classifies all unused files and safely clears them from your device.

Mirror Your Phone or Tablets Screen And Audio

IOS and Android have an option where you can cast your screen to bigger and better
displays, but these options come differently according to the type of phone you are
using. Android Smartphone uses Android 5.0 when casting their screen, which involves
your device’s connection via the Google Home app or simply a Chromecast dongle. Just
click on the device you want to share your screen and enable the cast to link it with your
phone’s screen and audio.

IPads and iPhones offer AirPlay mirroring. Therefore, you can share your screen via the
AirPlay-enabled television or an Apple TV. Swipe down from the top right corner of your
screen to open Control Center, and then enable the Screen Mirroring option to mirror
your screen for a better gaming experience.

Switch to a Fast Internet Connection

If you are using an Android device when playing online games, your internet connection
quality will affect your gaming performance. When playing, the game sends and
receives data frequently online. The data transfer will be delayed if you have a weak
internet connection. In turn, you will get a poor gaming experience. Therefore, for your
online games to run smoothly and faster than offline games, play your games using a
fast internet connection.

You must choose a connection that well suits your game. It could be a mobile data
connection or a WIFI connection, especially if you can access a 5G network. But then, if
you are playing a multiplayer game, note that you will get a faster ping on your cellular
data network than on your WIFI network.

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