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Hello, friends, we hope you are doing very well in your life! We would also be happy if this website would help you succeed. The meaning of this website directly means that you become valuable and increase your potential. Through this website we are going to give you the knowledge of different topics like Health(Be Healthy), Education(Be Educated), Current Affairs(Be Updated), Motivation(Be Motivated), Information about a new place(Be Explorer), and Current Economics(Be Wealthy), which will increase your value and increase your potential.

Be Healthy-
In this topic, we will give you the latest information about health and tips that will help you stay healthy and fit.

Be Educated-
In this topic, we will give you the information about the practical use of education and how nature and science are interlinked.

Be Updated-
In this topic we will tell you about events related to current affairs and how they affect your life.

Be Motivated-
A philosopher has said that a person does not grow old unless he/she dreams. Therefore, On this topic, we will give you information about a successful person’s life and their thoughts.

Be Explorer
– In this topic we will give you information about different historical places which will be enlightening for you as well as inspire you to visit there.

Be Wealthy-
In this topic, we will introduce you to the current financial situation, new business ideas, and economic picture that can help you become rich. we sure that this will make you EXPENSIVE.

Man Behind Be Expensive

Sandeep Danteliya
Sandeep Danteliya

Sandeep Danteliya

Ex-Mechanical Engineer, Politician, Astrologer, Passionate Blogger, F&O Trader, end A true Gujarati who made “Truth, Duty and Honor” his motto.

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