How to Delete Phonepe History step by step | How to Clear PhonePe Transaction History

Delete Phonepe History: Do you know How to delete Phonepe history? Here, the whole process of deleting the history of the Phonepe is explained step by step.

As technology is expanding, its use is increasing in various fields. In the last few years, many things have changed here due to technology. Most if any change has happened in these, then it has happened in the context of payment and bank.

Ever since the introduction of digital banking, most people use the facilities provided by Paytm, Phonepe, and Google Pay for transactions.

Phonpe, Bharatpe, Paytm, and Google Pay have made a stronghold in the Indian market, due to which the purchases, Selling and transactions in the market are done through these applications.

Due to the high usage of all these applications, the transaction done in it is saved as history. If you want to know How to delete the History of Phonepe and Clear transaction data, then follow the process step by step.

How to Delete Phonepe History

It does not make any difference to delete phonepe history or not, but if you want to delete phonepe history for some specific reason, then follow the steps given below, it will help you to delete phonepe history.

  • Login in Phonepe Account

    First of all, the account of whichever account you want to delete the history of that account has to be logged in to the Phonepe applications.

    “You do not have to share your PIN or password with anyone.”

  • Click on History Button

    When you will be logged in to the application, there will be a history button on the right-bottom side of the home page, on which you have to click. With this, you will be able to see all the transactions done through your phonepe.

  • Click on the specific history that you want to delete.

    By clicking on the History button, all the transactions done by you through PhonePe will be shown. From all the transactions shown in it, choose the transaction you want to delete and click on it.

    “The filter option is also given above. You can use it to find your transaction”

  • Now Click on Contact Support

    Whenever you click on specific history, then all the information regarding that transaction will be shown in front of you. At the end of that page, the button “Contact Support” will also be available. You have to click on this button.

  • Raise a Ticket

    After clicking on Contact Support, you have to raise a ticket. In which you have to tell them any of your reasons that for what reason do you want to delete this history.

  • Specify why you want to delete the history

    After raising the ticket, you will have to give some personal reason to them, so that they will be ready to delete your transaction.


If the information given by you is correct to them, and they feel that this transaction is worth deleting, then they will delete that connection. But if they are not satisfied with the reason given by you, then the ticket made by you will be canceled and your transaction will not be deleted.

Do you know that any transaction is done by phonepe, Bharatpe, Googlepe or Paytm cannot be deleted. All this is Micro bank in a way, and any transaction done by the bank cannot be deleted. Therefore, any transaction made through PhonePe cannot be deleted. We have given all the above steps to increase your knowledge about these topics and to show you how you can contact to phonepe. If you have any problem with our above-given information “How to Delete Phonepe History step by step” then forgive us.

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