AAA Full Form

“Discover the comprehensive meanings of ‘AAA’ across various categories. From quality ratings to military artillery, explore the diverse full forms of AAA.”

Full Form of AAA

Acronyms: AAA
Full-Form: Triple A
Category: Rating/Quality
Description: Denotes the highest rating or quality, often used in contexts like AAA-rated bonds or AAA video games.

Acronyms: AAA
Full Form: American Automobile Association
Category: Organization
Description: A federation of motor clubs throughout North America, offering roadside assistance, insurance, travel services, and other benefits to its members.

Acronyms: AAA
Full Form: Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting
Category: Computer Security
Description: Refers to the process of controlling access to resources by verifying the identity of users, determining what actions they are authorized to perform, and tracking their activities, commonly used in network security systems.

Acronyms: AAA
Full Form: Anti-Aircraft Artillery
Category: Military
Description: Military equipment designed for defense against aircraft, typically includes guns, missiles, or other systems used to shoot down enemy aircraft.

Acronyms: AAA
Full Form: Anabolic Androgenic Steroids
Category: Medicine/Sports
Description: A class of synthetic hormones often used illegally to enhance athletic performance and build muscle, but also used in medicine to treat conditions like delayed puberty or muscle wasting.

Other Full Form of AAA

AcronymsFull FormCategory
AAATriple ARating/Quality
AAAAmerican Automobile AssociationOrganization
AAAAuthentication, Authorization, and AccountingComputer Security
AAAAnti-Aircraft ArtilleryMilitary
AAAAnabolic Androgenic SteroidsMedicine/Sports
AAAAustralian Automobile AssociationOrganization
AAAAmateur Athletic AssociationSports
AAAAsia Art ArchiveArt/Culture
AAAAnimal Assistance AssociationAnimal Welfare
AAAAtaxia with Oculomotor ApraxiaMedicine
AAAAgricultural Adjustment AdministrationGovernment
AAAAssociation for the Advancement of Artificial IntelligenceTechnology/Science
AAAAfrican Airlines AssociationAviation
AAAAmerican Accounting AssociationBusiness
AAAAmerican Arbitration AssociationLegal
AAAAmateur Astronomers AssociationAstronomy
AAAAssociation of American ArchitectsArchitecture
AAAAfrican-American AffairsCulture
AAAAmerican Association of AnatomistsScience
AAAAssociation of American ArtistsArt
AAAAmerican Association of Advertising AgenciesBusiness
AAAAlabama Automotive AssociationAutomotive
AAAAmerican Association of AnatomistsMedical
AAAAlamo Area Agency on AgingElderly Care

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