Akota Bridge – Know About Indias First Solar Bridge

Akota Bridge: Do you know which is the first solar-powered bridge in India? Here we have with you the information about the first solar-powered “Akota Bridge” in India.

Akota Bridge Vadodara

Akota Bridge also known as Akota Dandia bazar Bridge is located in Vadodara city of Gujarat. The construction and maintenance of this bridge are being done by Vadodara Municipal Corporation. An excellent decision was taken by Vadodara Municipality in which it was decided to install solar panels on this bridge. The bridge will be opened to the public in the next month, according to the Vadodara Municipal Corporation. Below we have given you information about the solar plate and the energy generated on the Akota Bridge.

Akota Bridge Solar Panel

The Vadodara Municipal Corporation has decided to install 3024 solar panels on the Akota Bridge which is about 220 meters long and is located at Dandia Bazar in Vadodara. This panel will generate about 3000 to 4000 units of electricity per day. And 14.35 lakh units of electricity will be generated throughout the year. The electricity generated on the Akota Bridge will save the municipal corporation an electricity bill of Rs 1 crore.

Akota Bridge Images

Below we have with you some photos of Akota Bridhe which is located in Vadodara. In the photos given here you can see what it will look like before and after the Akota Bridge.

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What is the name of the first solar-powered bridge in India?

Akota Bridge is the name of the first solar powered bridge in India

Where is the Akota Bridge located?

Akota Bridge is located in Dandia Bazaar, Vadodara, Gujarat.

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