What Is the Difference between 101 & 202 Pool Rummy

In Indian rummy, pool rummy is already an engaging variant. Simply put, it’s a combination of deals and points rummy. In this game, players need to join by paying an entry fee. The player who understands how to play the rummy games can accomplish the basic goals of the game. At the same time, they can also maintain the scores and win games accordingly. The game gets played in two formats. While one is the 101 pool, another is the 201 pool.

Players are uncertain about selecting between these two formats. So, they end up switching altogether. Are you already confused about the game? Well, here’s presenting the ins and outs of these two variants. Depending on these parameters, you can differentiate both these pool rummy games accordingly.

The Key Differences between 101 and 201 Pool Rummy: What Should You Learn?

Here’s presenting the key parameters that differentiate 101 from 201 pool rummy. If you wish to learn further on this front, keep reading on.

  1. The Total Number of Deals

The initial point of difference is the total number of deals. It is true that a definite number of deals can’t get predetermined. However, 201 pool rummy usually has different deals compared to the 101 games. Now, what does a higher number of deals point out? Well, it simply means that every player will get opportunities to showcase their skills & win accordingly.

A player may mess things up in a deal in the initial rounds. However, if such things happen, they can get multiple scopes to make good out of their mistake in order to improve their scores.

  1. Time Factor

The next comes the time parameter. Even the overall time duration cannot get predefined. However, in 201 pool rummy, you will see the game last longer than in 101 pool rummy. The 201 variant allows you to play games for a longer period of time. It also offers you ample opportunities to improve your score. 

  1. The Drop Option

In pool rummy, players will be able to exercise the drop option. But the points achieved may differ between the two variants. While players get 20 points for the initial drop in 101 games, a total of 40 points for the middle drop are given to players in 201 games.

For the initial drop, they get 25 points, while 50 points are given for the middle drop. In general, the maximum of points a player is between 80 in both cases. Thus, opting for an initial drop is always a better choice, irrespective of the variant they play, to keep their overall score to the minimum.

  1. Rebuy Rules

In pool rummy, players can buy-back into their game. So, it means that when a player gets eliminated after exceeding the highest point limit, they rejoin the game. But it only happens when they have sufficient balance in their account. If not, they cannot be qualified for the game. But note that the rejoin rules will vary slightly for both variants. 

In the 101 game, you can buy in only if the highest score in the game is less than 79 points. However, in the case of the 201 pool game, the maximum score should be less than 174 points for players. Note that players can get their popup citing their rejoin amount & score. They can get back to the game after confirming. 

So, which game is better?

Of the two variants, you can often get confused as to which one is better. The answer only varies from one player to another. So, that means it entirely depends on the gamers’ skill levels and time factors. If they are confused between the two, it is imperative to consider the important factors. Time and money are the two most crucial parameters to consider in that regard. 

One more valuable tip for rummy pros is to analyze their skills before selecting the game. If they can manage with patience level and determination, 201 pool rummy is a better choice. But if you do not have that much patience level, you can opt for 101 pool rummy. 

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