[Latest] Earn Money From Book review 2020

We and all of you know that reading books gives us knowledge, but do you know that you can earn money by reviewing a book? Today, through this article, we are going to share some information regarding Earn Money From Book review, which can change your book reading passion into a well earning profession.

Nowadays, the number of internet users is increasing very fast. Users of many video applications like youtube and DailyMotion are also increasing. Many applications like TikTok, which are based on micro-video, are also growing rapidly. Overall, the audience is increasing, now it is up to you how you can use it with. From this article today, we will give you information about a book review Micro-Niche, which can change your book reading passions into a well earning profession.

There are three ways to earn Earning from Book Review.

  • YouTube
  • Blogging
  • Affiliate marketing

Earning money through book review from YouTube

The total users of YouTube in the whole world are 130 crores, and this number of users is increasing day by day. In such a situation, it requires several types of Micro Niche. The book review is such a Niche that despite being popular, it has very little competition. The only reason for the lack of competition is that to date, the information is not available to the right people how to earn money from the book review on YouTube.

How to earn money through book review from YouTube

We will try to make you understand this in a simple step that you can easily understand.

First, you have to create a YouTube channel. For this channel, you choose a name that reflects your topic well and looks professional so that whenever the user visits your channel, their trust can be built with your YouTube channel. Whenever a user visits your channel, name it in such a way as to experience a visit to a professional channel. You can visit some other book review channels for that, but you can keep the name the unique which others do not feel like copy-paste.

After the formation of the channel, how to post a video, which book is going on now, according to the choice and current situation of the people, select a book and make a video giving your feedback on it. Before making the video, you must watch the videos of other channels in which you can easily understand which type of videos people like more and which things should be kept in mind at the time of book review.

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We are giving you the list of some youtube channels below which you can easily know how to make videos.

Sample channel list

Indian Booktuber

Some Tips for Quick Growing On YouTube

It is easy to quickly increase subscribers on youtube and also difficult depending on how you do it.

  • TIPS 1: Build Videos Around a Single Keyword / Topic
  • TIPS 2: Quality Content
  • TIPS 3: Engage with Audience
  • TIPS 4: Promote Your YouTube Videos on Other Social Channels
  • TIPS 5: Show Up your face
  • TIPS 6: Post-Great Thumbnails
  • TIPS 7: Maintain Uploading Frequency

Earning money through book review from Blogging

More than 1 billion websites exist on the internet which is working in different fields. In order to earn money from the website, it is necessary to have knowledge of a proper Niche and a lot of SEO along with the knowledge of keywords. Still, this type of website and competition in it is very less. Most of the websites are not working on proper keywords, hence it is quite easy to work on such a website.

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Sample website list for book review

Amazon Book Review
Book Riot

Earning money through book review from affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing simply means that you get a commission in it. If the user has a good engagement with you and your users trust you, then you cannot earn better than this. To know better what you should do to earn money from affiliate marketing, click on the link given here.

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