Attention, Chess Players! Have you read these Books?

Mikhail Botvinnik, who had been the world champion of chess a few times between 1948 and 1963, once famously said, “if the music was an art that illustrates the beauty of sound, then chess was an art that illustrates the beauty of logic.”

It is not surprising that chess is argued to be the most famous game worldwide. Since its invention, the game has remained the epitome of a strategy game, with its relevance only growing over time. Chess is hugely popular across countries and cultures, and it is a game that you can play just about anywhere. The development of modern technology has also made it possible for people to play chess on their electronic devices, such as mobile phones and tablets, wherever they may be. Today, numerous platforms offer a chess game download option so that people can play anywhere and at any time.

Numerous renowned chess players from over the ages have cemented their place in the annals of history with their achievements in the game. Many of them have written about their chess careers, their rise to fame from humble beginnings, their challenges, their various opponents, and their lessons throughout their chess-playing careers.

Reading books about chess helps beginners and seasoned players as well. Today there is no shortage of books about chess for various levels of proficiency. They are instrumental in not just developing a deeper understanding of the game itself, but they also provide valuable insights into the minds of the players themselves. As players chronicle their stories and reminisce about their past games while also sharing their tips, tricks, and strategies, we can apply their thinking styles and inculcate their wisdom and strategies to give us an edge in our games.

In this blog, we share with you some of the books about chess that you must read if you have not read them already!

  1. Let’s Play Chess: A Step by Step Guide for New Players

This book, written by Bruce Pandolfini, is arguably the easiest to read, quick start guide to the game of chess for people who have absolutely no prior knowledge or experience. It is written in a manner that is easy to follow, approaches the basics of the game, rules, and fundamental concepts, and provides readers with a wealth of practical advice and guidance related to chess. It helps beginners understand how to think and plan their moves correctly while playing chess and is undoubtedly an excellent introduction to the game overall. 

  1. Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess

Written by Bobby Fischer, Stuart Margulies, and Don Mosenfelder, this book is undoubtedly a classic and, to date, remains one of the bestselling books about chess. It is highly enriching to learn to play chess from one of the greatest players of the game, but it is also a highly effective way to get acquainted with the game and develop your strategic thinking when you play. Even if you are a seasoned chess player, please share it with your family members and friends if you have already read it yourself. The book covers the basics of chess and explains the most important element of the game – tactics!

  1. Pandolfini’s Ultimate Guide To Chess

Just as the name might suggest, Pandolfini’s Ultimate Guide To Chess is written by the American national master Bruce Pandolfini. This book provides a comprehensive and detailed introduction to chess for beginners and novices. Still, it does so in a conversational and narrative style, making it easy to follow and grasp concepts. This book covers the basics of chess gameplay. It addresses all the various aspects of the game, such as tactics, strategies, planning your moves, positional concepts, and even strategies related to openings, middle games, and how to make tactical moves.

  1. The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Chess

This book, written by Patrick Wolff, is a detailed and comprehensive introduction to the game of chess for players who are at the beginner level right up to those who are at the intermediate level. The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Chess draws from, builds on, and expands on the ideas and concepts discussed in Pandolfini’s Ultimate Guide to Chess. It would be safe to say that both these books could function as excellent introductory courses for all beginners.

  1. How to Reassess Your Chess

Written by International Master Jeremy Silman, How to Reassess Your Chess is a book that takes a closer look at the thought processes involved with middlegame strategies and the ways one can notice an imbalance in position, as these concepts are not what chess players often think about. Jeremy Silman, a renowned author, is well-liked for his humorous writing style and his masterful understanding of the mistakes that novice chess players tend to make. This book is known for its appeal and is written keeping a large player base in mind. This book is also helpful for players who resume playing chess after taking a break from the game. The book is a must-read for everyone interested in chess!

  1. Think Like a Grandmaster

Alexander Kotov writes this book, and, just as the book’s title implies, it examines in depth the overall thought process that goes into playing chess. In the book, Alexander Kotov addresses and discusses at length several crucial and practical aspects of the game, with a focus on a holistic approach to chess and the finer points of decision making. He talks about tactical growth as well as positional growth and provides tools and strategies for the same. This book specifically targeted more advanced chess players but is a fantastic read nonetheless.

These are just a few of the countless great books about chess and are great reads for chess players and anyone interested in expanding their knowledge of the game. Do you have a favorite book about chess that is not listed here? Tell us in the comments!

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