Advanced tactics to win at Aviator every time

Before we start talking about how to successfully win at, we need to understand how the game works and where it came from. In 2018, Spribe, a company registered in Britain, created a new game. A small red airplane was chosen as the main character, which is why it got its name. Within a few years, the game gained extraordinary popularity first on the company’s website, after which it was added to various online casinos. Very quickly it gained a base of loyal players. After that, the game Aviator has become so popular that it became the ancestor of a new genre of games, which is called “crash.

The essence of the game Aviator is to guess when the plane will take off, having broken away from the runway. Up to that point, the coefficient by which the bet will be multiplied in the event of a sale. No one knows the specific number before that happens. It may be a small multiplier (up to 2) or a super-high multiplier (50 or more).

In order to successfully play Aviator, you must first understand how the game works, on your own. To do this you need to use the demo mode. It is available by default in all online casinos, such as 1win aviator. From the player is required to create a personal account by any means convenient. After that, you need to log in to the site and open the section with gambling entertainment, choosing aviator first, and then the demo mode. With its help, you can fully understand the game, and then test all the available strategies.

What tactics to choose?

This is a rather complicated question. There are quite a few strategies of various types. The best solution would be to take the safest and, at the same time, an effective strategy. To do this, it is necessary to stop at relatively low odds (2 to 10). They fall out quite often, so the probability of losing will be very high.

The player should start the game with a cashout at odds of 2 and gradually increase the bets, waiting for higher numbers. On average, every second game ends with odds of 2.

Also keep in mind that the Aviator is entirely based on a random number generator, so it is quite possible that the plane will take off earlier. Even if it happens several rounds in a row – do not worry. Behind the black bar always comes a white one. It is also not worth taking too much risk and making a cashout later – at odds higher than 10. For such numbers, it is necessary to switch to another strategy. However, this should be done at a time when there will be confidence in your abilities.

A more risky strategy.

It should be used when the player realizes that he has already outgrown the tactics described above. Rounds with odds of 10 or higher are less frequent than lower ones, but the expectation is worth it. On average, such luck happens once every few tens of minutes. The player only has to wait and cash out at his own discretion, but until his winnings are multiplied by a factor of 30 or more.

General Tips

The best tactic for permanent victories in the game Aviator will be a gradual increase in excitement. That is, you should start the game with small odds – 2-10. Then you can go to a higher. Gradually the player will reach the point that he can easily wait for the biggest “fish” – 50 and above. This will be the most profitable version of the game, but the fall of such luck is very rare – once every 1.5-2 hours of play. Any player can make sure of this. Suffice it to open the history of rounds of the game Aviator. It is available to absolutely any player, becoming a customer online casino.

Any strategy before you start playing for real money is worth checking out the demo mode. The risk of losing your hard-earned money in this case zero, but to get acquainted with the order of the game and to the end to understand what to do, how and when, get no problem. The owners of iPhones can also download the program from the AppStore, and there is no need to pay.

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